Natalia Adamska - Polska



Teacher : classical lesson- floor barre ,  variation girls .

Dancer in Narodni Divadlo Moravskoslezske in Czech Republic.

Natalia Adamska born in Poland. In age of 16 obtained a full Dada scholarship to continue dancing in Tring Park School for The Performing Arts in United Kingdom. After graduation obtained a Trinity Diploma in Professional Dance with Distinction result.

She received a Bachelor in Dance - Trinity National in London.

Since 2017 Natalia joined Narodni Divadlo Moravskoslezske in Czech Republic. 


Natalia fall in love in Ballet while observing her parents dancing in Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz. First ballet class she took in age of 3. Professional Dance training began in Balet school in Gdansk. Her main teacher was a solist of Royal Danish Ballet in Kopenhagen: Izabela Sokolowka-Boulton .

She also took a part in many International Ballet workshops like: Dresden, Monte Carlo la Princess Grace, English National Ballet, Elmhurst birmingham and Poland Ballet Intensives. Moreover, she also took a participation in National competition in Łódź Poland as well as in Gdańsk.